An international mobile operator, the owner of T-Mobile is Telekom Deutschland. The group operates within many GSM networks in Europe and the United States, where it is planned to sell the company to AT&T. AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile USA has not been approved by the US Department of Justice.

Worldwide, the T-Mobile network has 129 million subscribers, making it the seventh largest provider of mobile telephone services in the world. The Group is the third largest operator in the world after Vodafone and Spanish Telefónica.


An international brand of telecommunications services owned by France Télécom, managed by Orange Brand Services Ltd.Under the Orange brand, services are provided in 35 countries to 147 million customers.

On 19 September 2005, the Orange brand was introduced to Poland by the operator PTK Centertel, replacing the Idea brand. In Poland, it ranks second in terms of the number of mobile telephony users with the number of SIM cards exceeding 15.3 million.


GateHouse was established in 1992. The company provides software that guarantees effective and safe communication between systems. Therefore, GateHouse supports monitoring and tracking of vehicles from various fields. The company created the ghTrack platform. This system aims to integrate various vehicle tracking systems in one platform.

At the moment, more than 60 vehicle tracking providers are already integrated with the ghTruck platform and more are added every week. Key partners include: Freja Transport&Logistic, DHL Freight GMBH, DSV, Maersk Oil

LKW Walter

A leading transport company on the European market for full truck loads founded in 1924 – Independent from the corporation, private Austrian company.

LKW WALTER has been awarded the Austrian National Emblem for outstanding achievements in the development of the economy in 1986. Currently, it employs 1,483 people.

Timocom soft

TimoCom Soft – und Hardware GmbH is an IT service provider for the transport and logistics industry. The company operates throughout Europe, and its internationality is considered one of the main advantages of its activity.

Currently, TimoCom is the TC Truck&Cargo® exchange, where up to 450,000 offers from 44 European countries are published daily, it is also Tc eBid® – a bidding platform where you can find long-term orders and TC Profile®, where up to 33,000 active contractors are presented. TimoCom also offers the TC eMap® program, thanks to which, in addition to the calculation of transport costs, you can use the function of tracing vehicle location.

TimoCom – Transport with a future


Many years of experience gained at transport and forwarding companies made us realize how outdated, difficult to implement and operate are the TMSs available on the market.

We decided to create a modern and flexible tool ideally suited to the processes and working habits in the transport industry. The platform, which will not have any access barriers, will also be available to the smallest companies and will make work in the transport industry more efficient and simply more enjoyable.


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