How to recover money for completing a loading order?

More than one transport company has struggled or will struggle with dishonest contractors. The most common problem relates either to the lack of control over the transactions carried out after reaching the destination or recovering money for the loading order. Finding out how such a situation cam [..]

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How can I reduce fuel costs?

Buying cars, which employees will be able to use without problems, costs several hundred thousand zlotys. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning of the cost of owning a fleet of vehicles. Entrepreneurs spend the most money on fuel. Fortunately, the costs offuel consumption can be reducedwhe [..]

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Full integration with SENT

From the very beginning of the obligation to register transport of sensitive goods, widziszwszystko cooperates with the SENT system and makes it possible to send geolocation data to the ministry. If you have questions and need help in activating the SENT tab in the widziszwszystko application, pl [..]

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e – toll and the new SENT

Perhaps not everyone is aware of the fact that the introduction of the new e-toll system is also associated with some changes in the integration with SENT. A team of programmers is working on the changes and takes care to ensure the best possible operation of the service for all current and new c [..]

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Working time settlement, business trips, minimum wage

More and more transport companies would like to make their lives easier and have the vehicle tracking service ensure the possibility of settling the working time of their drivers. Thanks to the ability to remotely download files from the digital tachograph and driver card as well as the necessary [..]

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