Frequently asked questions

In this section, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the features and operation of our application.

If there is no answer to a question you may have, please contact the service department in the HELP section.

Does widziszwszystko sp. z. o. o provide a working time settlement service?

Widziszwszystko in the scope of its services has a settlement of drivers’ working time, business trips and the minimum wage. An advisor will provide you with all the details.

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How long do you have to sign the contract for?

We sign the contract for as long as the customer wishes to. We are very flexible about contract duration.

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How often is the position data updated?

Data is updated even every few seconds.

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What happens when a vehicle with a Polish subscription travels abroad?

In such a case you will lose the tracking possibility of the vehicle, but when it logs back into the Polish network, it will be possible to check the entire route.

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Can vehicle routes be overlapped?

Yes. The widziszwszystko application gives you such a possibility.

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Why cannot I log in? The account is blocked

Please check if the system is blocked due to lack of payment, we also recommend contacting our office in case of doubts by calling 601 950 095

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Why did the car stop at the border?

It is very possible that roaming has not been activated, please contact the technical department

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Where should I report a problem with counting kilometres?

For technical matters, please use the help section on our website

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What does it mean if the car is blue or yellow?

Blue colour means that the vehicle is not moving with the engine running, yellow colour – no GPS signal

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Why is the time and date not valid in the list of objects next to the car and in the window?

Please contact the technical department, it is quite possible that the device has lost its reception.

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