About us

About us

We deal with design and implementation of a vehicle tracking system, fuel control, digital tachograph data reading, remote download of DDD files and control of the current activity of drivers​. The widziszwszystko proprietary solution will allow you to manage your car fleet and will realistically reduce costs.​ We will improve the comfort of your work, and the supervision of employees will be effective and simple.

We provide the best solutions to our contractors, following high standards.

If you are considering choosing a company to manage your car fleet, remember the key rule: service quality is more than just a large number of customers.

Almost 14 years of practice, gaining and gathering experience allowed us to strengthen the position of widziszwszystko Limited sp. k on the market. From the very beginning of our activity, we have been constantly improving the quality of our services. The development and leadership position on the local market is largely the success of our qualified staff.

We know how important it is to control expenses in your company. There are no hidden costs with us. A competitive offer and transparent terms of cooperation are the determinants of our customers’ satisfaction.

How we operate

We acquire knowledge from the best companies in the industry by taking part in numerous training courses and fairs. We approach orders individually – providing comprehensive services and operation throughout the country. After identifying your needs, we will provide you with effective solutions. We will provide your company with a comprehensive tool that increases economic efficiency, transparency and safety of transport.

The installation of fuel probes and the reading of data from the CAN bus of the vehicle enables very detailed verification of vehicle parameters, such as:

  • Engine r.p.m.
  • Fuel consumption
  • Fuel level
  • Mileage
  • Eco-driving
  • Reading data from a digital tachograph
  • Remote download of DDD files
  • Reading data from the CAN bus of construction and agricultural machines
Referencje i Certyfikaty

Honesty in dealing with customers, transparent offer and high quality of offered solutions are the features that distinguish widziszwszystko Limited sp. k. Thanks to these values, we have acquired a large group of satisfied customers over 12 years of our business

All licenses, certificates and references will be provided in the original to interested contractors.

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We will give you a sense of certainty
By installing the widziszwszsytko vehicle tracking system your profit will be possible thanks to the values we follow:
  • Cost optimization related to the use of vehicles.​
  • Business risk management – we approach each customer individually
  • Staff safety and motivation – your employees perform their duties efficiently and peacefully thanks to our innovative solution.​ Continuous tracking makes it possible to quickly detect unpredictable events that can be avoided in advance.
  • Comfort – we deal with fleet management professionally, we use practical solutions. We improve business efficiency, while valuing the convenience and comfort of our customers
  • Convenience – easy and transparent access to data from any mobile device with Android, iOS, or any computer
  • Passion– we are involved in what we do to the maximum. We do our best to meet your needs.
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